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a) What are the rights of the buyer?

The buyer becomes a rightful owner of the plot since the property is registered in his/her name along with proper records of ownership free of any sort of encumbrances certified by competent legal attorney.

b) Is it compulsory to build a farm cottage?

No. It is an option only.

c) Will the company offer assistance to build farm cottages?

Yes. Professional assistance will be provided on an actual cost basis by Architectural and Engineering consultants to build cost effective farm cottages with locally available resources. Our supervision role is done free of cost.

d) How can I manage my farm in absence? Is there any model?

Yes. It will be on a cost dividing basis, assimilating the actual costs which will be revised on a mutual consent basis. Once the yield starts, the farm gate price of the harvest will be deducted from the total expenditure, to arrive at the actual cost.

e) Where does the water for irrigation come from? Is the power for irrigation comes free under the Government scheme?

Open wells dug out in the layout will irrigate the crops through a well designed drip irrigation system which is well in place. No, the power for irrigation falls under commercial tariff and doesn’t come under ‘free power scheme’.

f) Are any promises given regarding the yield? When will the yield start?

It is difficult as the yield is influenced by agro climatic conditions. However, best efforts will be made to ensure regular yields. Normally the yield will be allowed from the 5th year with 10 Kg per tree approximately and can reach up to 100 Kg for a 15 year old tree.

g) What varieties of Mangoes are planted?

Each 5.5 cent plot will have any 2 of Alphonso, Imampasand, Banganapalli, Chendoora, Neelam, Bengaloora or Mallika varieties.

h) What facilities are available in the club house and swimming pool?

An entertainment room with tables for Chess,  Carrom &  board games (including traditional ones like Aadu puli aattam,Pallanguzhi), Television, Music system, a reading room with mini-library, a 2 feet deep Children’s  pool and 4 feet adult pool including shower and toilet facilities, can be accessed by the customers.

i) What outdoor recreational facilities are available?

Children’s play park equipment, Bicycles, Shuttle Badminton court and Bullock cart ride help you spend quality time with your children and get some exercise in the process.


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